Absolute Nonsense

These are the collective thoughts of a Lost Girl. Being a Ginger, she lacks a soul, but what she lacks in a soul she makes up for with snarky comments and useless information. Artist, Music Addict, Collector of Oddities, hopeless romantic.

Grimmy is far too cute.
We’re the coolest.
Just found out Bruce Timm is going to be at ECCC. I might cry.
Oh baby give me one more chance (to tell you that I love you).
My own set of Guardians.
Alright so I’m a month late….thanks @starbucks.
I vant to suck your blood———- Orange.
Hipster game of thrones.  (at Rose City Comicon)
Hipster ygritte ain’t got time for your daddy issues Jon snow.
Nicholas Brendan and Clare Kramer are a gift. (at Rose City Comicon)