Absolute Nonsense

These are the collective thoughts of a Lost Girl. Being a Ginger, she lacks a soul, but what she lacks in a soul she makes up for with snarky comments and useless information. Artist, Music Addict, Collector of Oddities, hopeless romantic.

Stress baking at its finest.
Hanging with my best banerito.
Femme!Joker for geek girl con!
My fuzzy baby has to have surgery tomorrow. I just want him to pull through it and recover from these complications he’s been having.
Now it just needs a name.
Busy weekend. I missed yesterday so I’ll have to draw two for tomorrow. Quick little deer girl. #inktober #inktober2014

Glow in the dark hula hoop performance. So entrancing.

When superheroes take selfies.
Impromptu femme!tony stark is a go. It’s like Christmas…but with more me.
Tried out a new way for eyes. Not sure I’m happy with it. Oh well, here’s everyone’s favorite mermaid. #inktober #inktober2014